* I also teach classes at following locations:

Thu at 11am, R.I.P.P.E.D. – Honolulu Club

Thu at 12pm, HOT HULA fitness – Honolulu Club

6 thoughts on “CLASS SCHEDULE

    • 勿論やっています。パーソナルトレーニングに関しましては、初回のカウンセリングの予約をお取り下さい。

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    • Aloha Bernie,

      My personal training service ends at 5pm. My business hours are Mon-Fri @9-5pm, Sat @9-12pm. My group classes are: Total Body Stretch class Wed & Fri @8:30-9am, Hot Hula fitness class Tue & Fri @11am-12pm. I hope this answers your question. Also, my studio is located nearby UH Manoa, not in downtown. Please let me know if you have further questions for me.

    • Aloha Abbie,
      It’s not a high intensity as you need jump around, but the tempo is faster like Tahitian, rather than contemporary hula since we dance to Tahitian drums. You could just wear comfortable clothes like short pants and t-shirts. If you have pareo, you can bring it and wrap around your waist. If you have further questions, please just let me know! Hope to see you soon in the class!!

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