Alex Before and After             Lynn Before and After

Michan Before and After                 Kobayashi before and after

Look at a great difference in her and his posture!! Neck became neutral position rather than forwarded head position, and her pelvis  became neutral rather than anterior pelvic tilt.

“Immediately after my first training session with Asako Lahoe, I learned that not all master trainers are the same – Asako is a cut above the rest.  I was working out with another master trainer and struggling with my recovery from an automobile accident.  I am so happy that I switched to Asako!  She proved to me that she has the knowledge and experience to help.  She listens, guides, encourages, and challenges me.  Asako talked to my physical therapist and developed a program that complements his treatment.  If I can’t do an exercise or movement because of my injuries, not a problem with Asako.  She will guide me through another exercise that works the same set of muscles without causing additional injury and makes sure that I do it correctly.  I have the utmost confidence that Asako will help me meet and exceed my goals.  Hiring Asako is the best investment I’ve made for my health and well being!”

~S. Inouye            Susan

“Asako’s extensive knowledge on health and fitness is extremely impressive. You immediately feel comfortable by her warm, friendly personality and true genuineness in wanting to help you to achieve your goals. Plus, she makes the workouts interestingly challenging!”

~Sam Tsoi            sam before and after

“In 2007, I worked out with Asako over several months, and she truly helped me to feel stronger, healthier, and more confident.  She harnesses reserves of strength in her clients that perhaps even they did not know they had. While working out, I would chat with Asako and laugh, and this camaraderie helped the workouts feel less painful and more enjoyable.  She listened carefully to what I wanted, and crafted a plan that was very much in keeping with my skill level, goals, and circumstance. She is empathetic, reliable, well organized, and passionate about the task of helping people become better versions of themselves.”

~Maya Soetoro-Ng

“I am a 49 years old woman and I started to go to Asako about 2 years ago.  Since I was out of shape in the beginning, she started me out slowly so I could stick with the program.  Asako is very good at determining where you are at physically and mentally that she pushes you enough, but not too hard that you get discouraged.  She is cheerful and is a great encourager.  Her exercise programs are very efficient and work at least 2 or 3 of your muscles at a time, so you see results quickly!  People often come up to me and ask me where I work out!  Thank you, Asako!”

~Kazuko Adachi-Nishimoto

“Coming from a background of swimming in high school, college, and internationally, I have trained with a multitude personal trainers. Training with Asako is the best, most complete workout I have experienced. All the movements are based on core strength, stability, and balance. The strength I have built I use in all aspects of my life from work to play.”

~Andrew Kopacz            Andrew training        Swimming

“I work on construction and I have been having lower back problem related to my work. I needed to strengthen my lower back for my work and my lifestyle. My long-term relationship with Asako not only has been preventing injury, but also avoiding to have surgery on my lower back. I feel great every time I have a training session with her. The best training experience I’ve ever had.”

~Michael Barnett

“With the help & recommendation of family & friends, I started with a new training menu that was made exclusively for me by Asako. I finally realized how my way was wrong! Asako can provide an individual with a very professional and logical support based on scientific theory. I firmly believe that this professional program can lead one to a goal faster than by oneself without wasting time.”

~Kazu Kurokawa

“As soon as I started to train with Asako, I lost a total of 7 pounds within the 6 week period. The amazing thing also was that I didn’t need to starve myself to lose the weight! I always looked forward to meeting with her because she listened to my concerns, was my biggest, was my biggest cheerleader during tough workouts and encouraged me all the way through. She also helped me incredibly by showing me how to do the workouts correctly and showed me the correct way to do cardio – by reaching a target heart rate to burn fat. Words will not express my appreciation for a great trainer like Asako.”

~Rachel Cabamongan

“I really enjoy my training sessions with Asako Lahoe. My 50-minute sessions are tough and challenging for me, but Asako really encourages me to work harder and not give up. I know I have a way to go, but with Asako’s assistance I am certain I will achieve all my fitness goals and become a healthier and stronger woman.”

~D. Ladao










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